ONE2ONE Driving School was estabished in 2002 and is now one of the largest and most successful national driving schools in the UK today


Our trained and competent driving instructors will instruct you in theory and practice and will show you how to deal with highway traffic. The latest teaching methods and vehicles prepare you for driving pleasure and mobility. This website provides you with information on the driver`s license and our driving school. Are you interested in our services? Then get in touch with us; we look forward to hearing from you!


According to the latest Government survey people learning to drive buy on average 52 hours of professional driving tuition each and take on average 14 months to pass the driving test. With ONE2ONE driving tuition and our expertly trained instructors the average number of hours to pass the test is closer to 30 - a potential saving of 22 hours or £500 in driving lessons.

ONE2ONE Driving School specialises in providing intensive driving courses and driving lessons using its own revolutionary training system  Discover the difference - pass quicker, save money and give yourself the best possible start to a life time of safe driving.

Pass in 1 to 6 weeks with ONE2ONE Driving School

We  offer the cheapest driving lessons and we certainly do offer one of the cheapest and indeed quickest ways to learn to drive and pass the driving test. If you choose our One Week Pass or Semi-intensive courses it should only take a matter of weeks rather than months to pass. We ensure you become a highly skilled and safe driver from day one. 

The qualified expert driving instructors at One 2 One Driving School provide both theory and practical training and show you all the correct procedures for driving in traffic.

The latest learning techniques and vehicles ensure that you receive fully professional preparation and get you on the road with confidence. We provide training in both theory and practice. Interested in our services? Then please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

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